• They got us thinking!

    They got us thinking!

    Different managment levels started cooperating in a more effective manner and more trust.

    Vilkyskiu pienine Chairman of the Board


  • Practical and useful

    Practical and useful

    Extraordinary, very dynamic and practical!

    McDonald's Georgia CEO

    Tengiz Kapanadze


  • It left deep impression

    It left deep impression

    Great practical experience, very different approach. The best training partner we've had so far!

    Coca - Cola HBC Lithuania Plant manager

    Kęstutis Čičinskas

  • Team sensation

    Team sensation

    Charismatic and competent consultants quickly connected with our team and ensured the right environment for creativity and development. A new methodology conducted in a simple, yet really inclusive manner

    Mars Lithuania HR Manager

    Dalia Vitkuvienė

  • The right solution

    The right solution

    Very active and innovative team always ready to help. I recommend them to anyone willing to grow and develop while facing new challenges of life

    Yazaki Bulgaria CEO

    Roma Budrienė

  • Definitely worth it!

    Definitely worth it!

    Choosing GRAND PARTNERS as our development partner was the right decision. Our team is glad to apply the know-how and tools that we received during our trainings

    NFQ Technologies CEO

    Paulius Insoda

  • The best experience

    The best experience

    These consultants create the environment of openness that is so crucial for your growth and development and are able to encourage even experienced business leaders to look at themselves from a different perspective

    Mantinga Chairman of the Board

    Klemencas Agentas

  • Respect is the key

    Respect is the key

    Our continuous development academies make a real difference. GRAND PARTNERS really understand the specifics of industrial sector better than anyone in the market.

    SBA Concern HR Development Manager

    Giedrė Dauguvietytė








1. Education
Grand Leader® academy for top-level managers
Grand Leader® academy for top-level managers ...
LeadOUT® academy for middle-level managers
iLEAD academy: management skills for first time leaders
Master® academy for production foremen
Store Master® academy for store managers
Skill Master® academy for personal efficiency
Hi-po® succession management and leadership pipeline development
Grow® talent program
Training scenarios accustomed to various team needs
Training scenarios accustomed to various team needs ...
In-house conferences (from 20 to 500 participants)
Appraise® performance appraisal
Appraise® performance appraisal ...
U-facilitate® in-house facilitators’ development
3t® in-house trainers’ development
On the Job Skills training® for managers and specialists
Think Tank® systems thinking and complex problem solving
2. Evaluation
Grand View 360® management competencies assessment
Grand View 360® management competencies assessment ...
Cut-e® evaluation of leadership potential
Engagement Meter® engagement assessment
Engagement Meter® engagement assessment ...
1-team® teamwork assessment
Climate® organizational microclimate assessment
Climate® organizational microclimate assessment ...
iLEARN® training needs analysis
3. Solutions
U-mentor® mentoring system development and implementation
U-mentor® mentoring system development and... ...
Coaching 4 performance® coaching system implementation
MCM® management competencies model development
High Performance Collaboration® system implementation
High Performance Collaboration® system implementation ...
L-CLUB® in-house managers’ club
Points of You®
Solution Gear® promotion of cross-functional collaboration
Solution Gear® promotion of cross-functional... ...
Target® performance management system implementation
Inno-Lab® innovation impletementation
Value Compass® value system implementation
Less is More® organizational efficiency improvement

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