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Hi-po® succession management
Your result is a pool of candidates, ready to take on a managerial role
Grow® talent program
This program is geared toward motivating and retaining the best talent
Training scenarios accustomed to various team needs
Tried and true or custom-made training event scenarios
In-house conferences
Custom made developmental events from 20 to 500 participants
Appraise® performance appraisal
A consulting project for effective performance appraisal system
U-FACILITATE® in-house facilitators’ development
A program for developing facilitators’ competencies
3T® in-house trainers’ development
A development program for beginning and advanced internal trainers
ON THE JOB SKILLS TRAINING® for managers and specialists
A comprehensive methodology of how to train people at a workplace
THINK TANK® systems thinking and complex problem solving
A systematic approach toward organizational development
Grand View 360® management competencies assessment
Individual and managerial team results for further growth and development
CUT-E® evaluation of leadership potential
A trustworthy way to predict who has the highest potential to become a leader
Engagement Meter® engagement assessment
A short and simple, yet informative way to know what keeps employees engaged
1-TEAM® teamwork assessment
A way to measure your team's health and effectiveness
CLIMATE® organizational microclimate assessment
A way to know how employees feel at work
iLEARN® training needs analysis
A free tool to assess training needs of different groups of employees
U-MENTOR® mentoring system implementation
A solution that preserves the most significant know-how in the organization
Coaching 4 Performance® coaching system implementation
A method for maximum employee effectiveness
MCM® management competencies model
A powerful way to find, attract and retain the most suitable management team
Executive Coaching®
Individual sessions for managers who strive for better results
High Performance Collaboration® system implementation
A special methodology for teams for better collaboration and best results
L-CLUB® in-house managers’ club
A custom-designed tool for continuous development for managers in-house
A powerful aid for making better quality decisions
ST. MATRIX® organizational development session
A constructive way to find a solution or new area for organizational growth
SOLUTION GEAR® promotion of cross-functional collaboration
A unique method that empowers change and fosters collaboration
TARGET® performance management system
Channelling every employee's capacity toward achieving common goals
INNO-LAB® innovation impletementation
A tried and true methodology for turning ideas into reality
VALUE COMPASS® value system implementation
A system that turns organizational values into every day life
Less is More® organizational efficiency improvement
A more productive way of work at a personal and organizational level