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Our goal is to build a long-term relationship in order to develop and grow your leaders and their teams

GRAND PARTNERS was established in 2004 on the belief of several like-minded people that working in Lithuanian organizations can be an enjoyable experience. It was an ambitious vision at that time, as the prevailing mindset of employers was “people are queueing for a job behind the door”. As we believed that every organization reflects the attitudes of its manager, we began with training programmes for managers. A lot has changed since then, but the same like-minded people are still striving to help managers and their teams enjoy working together.


Training Philosophy

We believe and in many cases are convinced that our Clients have enough knowledge to work more efficiently and can achieve better results. Therefore, our main task is to motivate them to re-evaluate their beliefs, try new work methods and techniques in order to create a new recipe for greater productivity.

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We Care More!
We care about how and with whom we create value for our Clients!

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Leadership is a way of thinking

Leader is not a synonym for manager. Any manager or specialist in any department can be a leader. If you strive to be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday, you are a leader. If you are concerned about doing your work today just a tiny bit more efficiently than yesterday, you have the mindset of a leader. We meet leaders everywhere:

Value for our Clients

Systematised Knowledge

We systematise and summarise the information that becomes your knowledge

Proven Methodologies

We are interested in global trends and test them in our country

Practical Tools

We offer only what is applicable and really works in practice

Creative Presentation

In the uncontrollable flow of information, we are able to keep you focused

Practical Value

This is our goal, our passion and our top priority

"Chemistry" Guaranteed

Experience gained from working with hundreds of organizations has helped us refine the recipe for making connection

Unique Solutions

We can meet all the needs of leaders and their teams today

Safe Environment

We create a safe environment to test and later apply the acquired knowledge with more confidence

Some Facts that Speak for Themselves

years in the market
1 500
71 000
participants in training sessions
1 200
events held every year
575 000
is the amount of the largest projects implemented

History of Our Growth

An e-commerce project is being implemented, the purpose of which is to give our Clients the opportunity to purchase GRAND PARTNERS services online.
A large-scale internal processes digitization project was implemented, which made it possible to manage all standardized activities online, ensuring maximum quality for the Client.
GRAND PARTNERS is the first company in Lithuania to develop interactive, practical e-trainings (a total of 20 topics have been created for managers and specialists).
Commencement of digitisation of the main assessment tools (assessment of the microclimate, assessment of managers' competences), and the development of a unique methodology for interactive remote training (webinars).
Expansion of e-learning training under the trademark Talentator.
GRAND PARTNERS was the first company in Lithuania to offer its Clients the most effective way of learning - Blended Learning – or in other words, integrated learning.
The first book "Motyvuoti paprasta" ("Motivating is Easy") by GRAND PARTNERS (author - Lina Preiksiene) is published.
International Association of Facilitators Chapter is established by GRAND PARTNERS in Lithuania.
GRAND PARTNERS launch yearly tendency conferences for top level and HR managers. Most of them become loyal Clients and attend these conferences each year.
On 12 May, GRAND PARTNERS celebrated its 10th anniversary and reached one million in turnover for the first time.
Five new in-house training academies for managers of all levels (3), team leaders/supervisors (1) and specialists (1) are created. Projects are launched in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine.
GRAND PARTNERS joins a United Nations movement “Global Compact”.
Long-term EU-funded human resource development projects are carried out in Lithuania’s prominent companies; long-term projects are conducted internationally. The company starts collaborating with partners in Scandinavia.
Our team becomes an exclusive representative of LINKAGE, Inc. - a global TOP 3 ranking leadership and management development company – in the Baltic States and Kaliningrad. International executive training projects are launched in Russia and Ukraine. The company opens its office in Vilnius.
Great Britain’s “Institute of Leadership and Management” certifies management, sales and personal skills development programs developed by GRAND PARTNERS.
The company opens a new office in Kaunas. GRAND PARTNERS organizes the first coaching conference in Lithuania.
The first large funded projects are carried out.
The first coaching training for executives is organized in Lithuania. In-house top executive training academies are launched.
The first custom-made executive training methodologies are created. The company starts working with the executives and department managers of various organizations.
GRAND PARTNERS starts its training and consulting business in Western Lithuania. Licensed video training methodologies are acquired, and the first custom-made practical training methodologies for improving Customer service and personal skills are designed.




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Who are Our Clients?

GRAND PARTNERS experts are chosen by Lithuanian and international companies and organisations operating in various market segments.

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